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Holiday Evangelism

Mary was one of the first people to join our first Advance Group in Germany. After a few sessions Mary came up to her group leader and said about how excited she was to share the gospel, how she now knew so much more about who God is, and that she was inspired to go out and talk about her faith! She’d never seen herself as an evangelist, but something inside her was on fire for Jesus and that people needed to know about him.

A few weeks later, Mary found herself on a beach on holiday where she met a guy. Seeing the opportunity in front of her, Mary ended up getting into a conversation with this man about Jesus. The guy had walked away from his faith however after this chat, he said how inspired and encouraged he was, and that he was going to go back to church and explore more about who God really is!’

The Encouragement Of Evangelism

‘Through being part of an Advance Group in Manchester UK,  I felt challenged to go on to the street to intentionally share about Jesus and not be controlled by the fear of sharing my faith with strangers. I went with another friend of mine in our Advance Group who is far more used to boldly going out and sharing about his faith and we ended up having two separate conversations with people. I got to share the gospel with them and whilst I initially felt so nervous about doing it, after a while, I felt so encouraged and excited. We’ve already made plans to do it again next week, reminded me of Luke 10:17 where it says after Jesus sent out his disciples, the 72 returned and they joyfully reported to him about what they did.’

Hospital Prayer

In Zambia one Advance Group often goes to the local hospital to share the gospel. One member Paula recently went round the wards and saw an old lady who was clearly in a lot of pain. She sat down by her bed and just talked to her about Jesus. Whilst Paula shared the gospel, the old lady was moved by what Paula had been saying and they got the chance to pray together.

Growing In Confidence

‘For my first Advance Youth mission, I really didn’t want to talk to anyone or pray with anyone because I was so nervous. But when we went out, our group started chatting to this lady who was really open. I was surprised that people actually want to talk about faith. My Advance Youth leader asked me if I wanted to pray and although I was really scared, I prayed for this lady (I have never prayed for anyone like that before!) Doing Advance Youth has given me a confidence to talk to people and my friends about Jesus!’

Sowing Seeds

A member of an Advance Group in the UK share with us his story.

‘I was out shopping one afternoon and noticed a man selling Indian food from his street food stand. I felt stirred to chat to him about Jesus however there were too many customers, so I left it and went back to shopping. Half an hour later, I actually bumped into him and we ended up having a chat about faith and Christianity. He told me how he’d rejected all religion, seeing them as abusive and aggressive, especially Christians. However, he liked me and what I had to say and even accepted a bible from me. We shared phone numbers and myself and another group member are going to follow up with him. We’re praying God changes this guy’s heart and transforms his life with the love of Jesus.’

A Harvest Ready For Reaping

One UK Advance Group member was already in the middle of a conversation with someone about Jesus, when they had quite the interruption:

‘I was chatting with one lady about Jesus in a café when another women just walked up to me after she overheard some of the conversation. It turned out this lady was Jewish and after chatting a bit further with me she simply said ‘I think it is time for me to accept this Jesus as my Messiah’. I was blown away and am now following up with her.’

Kitchen Repairs Conversations

Advance Group member Liam told us the story of how he wanted to use the fact he was having kitchen repairs done to boldly share the gospel with the workers coming in and out of the house. The day after Liam prayed with his group, he was chatting with Steve, the builder. As they talked, Liam quietly prayed that he would find a good way to bring up his faith and share the gospel with Steve. But before he had a chance to do anything else, Steve started chatting about God. Seizing this opportunity, Liam shared about how Jesus had moved in his life and then explained the gospel to Steve. 90 minutes later, Steve was still desperate to learn more about Jesus and asked Liam for a Bible so he could go away and read more! Even after the building work finished, Liam and Steve are still in touch we’re praying for more big strides in his faith.

Turning Up The Prayer Temperature

‘I love being part of my Advance Group as they really encourage me in my prayer life and to step out in faith. At church, I help to run a playgroup and noticed that the team didn’t gather to pray before each session. After encouraging them to pray together each time, the group has had many opportunities to share the gospel with mothers who bring their babies along to the group. I love chatting about Jesus with them and seeing lives transformed by his love.’ – Melanie (UK)

Healing In Poland

‘During our Advance Group’s mission week in Żyrardów, Poland, we had an opportunity to share the gospel to a number of young people. We prayed with many of them and saw God heal them in a miraculous way.It was amazing to see not only physical healing but emotional and spiritual healing too, and many people accepted Jesus into their lives!’

Prayer As An Encouragement

‘During the pandemic, I saw how difficult things were for teachers and school children here in Germany. God really put teachers on my heart so I prayed with my Advance Group for an opportunity to encourage some teachers. Not long after, I got the chance to pray with my son’s school headmaster and share about the love and hope of Jesus. I feel so encouraged and can’t wait to use even more opportunities in the future.’

When A Group First Meets

Flavio, an Advance Ambassadors in Brazil, shared with us this story from one Advance Group.

‘I recently launched a new group here in Brazil and decided to go along for the first session. We ended up chatting about the simple act of sharing the gospel and began talking about our experiences of evangelism. It’s like an old Brazilian hymn that says ‘to count the blessings you’ll be surprised by how many there are!’ Ordinary encounters can change a life forever.

We shared simple moments like a meal, a chat or a normal life encounter that just had divine intentionality.

The calling on our lives is clear: share Jesus and he changes everything. Being an evangelist is often like that, being intentional to offer the opportunity for a person to know and to experience Jesus Christ.’

Knowing You Are Worthy And Loved

Courtney is part of Advance Youth and joined us for the summer mission’s week, THE SCATTERING. During the week, Courtney met Jen while she was prayer walking a local estate and they started chatting. As the conversation went on, Courtney was able to tell her about Jesus and Jen burst into tears and shared that she’d always thought she wasn’t worthy of Jesus’ love and had been doing everything she could to avoid finding out more about him. As they prayed together, Courteny offered her a Bible, and Jen gave her life to Jesus! And a year later she’s still coming along to church regularly and is desperate to learn more about Jesus.

It Is Time To Shine

One Advance Group leader in Zambia shared with us her heart for proclaiming the gospel; ‘Many are hurting in this world, and I know that Jesus is the only true answer for these pains. We need to be bold and step out in faith so that others hear about and come to know Jesus for themselves. I am so thankful that Advance has created a platform for myself and others to share the goodness of Jesus. It is time to shine.’

Providing For A Need

‘I’ve been praying for this type of tool for me and my family!’ – Evangelist in Uganda.

Healing On The Streets

‘Whilst out on the streets of Manchester myself and some other ladies from our Advance Group, shared about Jesus with some people we met and grabbed the opportunity to pray for healing for one lady who had pain all over her body. After we prayed, she was totally healed from pain!’

Our First Advance Groups In Prison

Shaun, our Advance Ambassador in Cape Town, South Africa has been prayerfully looking for ways he might be able to take Advance into prisons and see prisoners not just come to know Jesus but be equipped and encouraged to share the gospel with their cellmates.

After over a year of prayer and conversations, he recently got to start an Advance Group with 14 guys in one prison, and we’re excited as Shaun seeks to map this model out with other prisons across South Africa!

Growing In Confidence

One young person who is part of our Advance Youth team in Barnet, UK, told us about how going out and sharing her faith had impacted her, ‘Before we went out to share the love of Jesus with people in the town centre,  I was super nervous as I’d never done anything like this before. We spoke to a lot of people and although we didn’t see anyone come to faith my confidence in sharing Jesus with people has gone up loads!’

Reaching Our Neighbours

‘Since being part of an Advance Group in the UK God has increased my passion for sharing the gospel with my neighbours, who I realised probably didn’t know that I was a Christian. At both Easter and Christmas for two years now, I have reached out to them with Christian cards and some homemade gifts, also giving a short letter explaining what is being celebrated and asking if they wanted any prayer. New relationships are growing out of this and I’ve been able to pray and journey with one neighbour who is facing terminal cancer and have had conversations with others that I don’t think would have happened before. My confidence is growing everyday and I can’t wait to see what God does!’

The Gospel Softening Hearts

During lockdown, one Advance Group leader, Tony, saw a growing opportunity to minister to  men who’d been involved with  crime wanting a different life. Over time, Tony built friendships with the men and got to  share the gospel with them and about the hope and peace Jesus offers.

Over months of walking alongside these lads and getting more confident in sharing the love of Jesus, many of these men have accepted Jesus into their lives, have got baptised and are now having their lives transformed by Jesus.

Miracles In The Arab World

Our Advance Ambassador who works predominantly in the Arab World shared with us this incredible story of boldness and healing.

‘There was a young Muslim girl who was told by some local Christians that if you prayed in the name of Jesus you would see a miracle. A short while later her sister went into labour and gave birth to a still-born baby girl at the local hospital where doctor pronounced the child dead.

This young girl was watching the whole thing and afterwards, in a moment of courage, went up to dead baby and prayed for it to come alive in the name of Jesus. Immediately she saw something happen and went to doctor, telling him to look after her niece. The doctor tried to explain that the baby wasn’t alive, however this young girl insisted and persuaded him to check. He was shocked to find the baby breathing with her heart beating normally.

The family have now given their lives to Jesus and this little still-born girl, now 3 years old, is totally healthy and known as ‘The Daughter of Jesus’.